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Each intuitive healing session includes accurate intuitive diagnostics, a deep energy-based healing treatment and a practical health and wellness action plan.


Note: Healing sessions are not meant to replace necessary health or medical care.
They will naturally support all your treatment choices.
What is a Chakra?
   Chakras are energy wheels of light that receive, manage, regulate and send life force
energy. They connect the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy within you to the
spiritual and higher dimensional energy around you.
   From a healing and spiritual development perspective, each chakra is a unique and
perfect reflection of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Like
individual and complex computer disks  they contain a wealth of personal information
revealing how you experience, relate, express and interact with yourself and the world
around you.
   There are many chakras within the human energy field and each one has an
individual purpose and function. Seven of these are considered primary and directly
relate to activity and energy exchanges in the physical world. There are also higher
chakra centers that connect you to expanded levels of consciousness and
multidimensional energies as well as hand and feet centers which are called
secondary chakras.
   Chakra work is included when appropriate in many of the sessions for emotional,
physical and spiritual healing. Please refer to other categories for more information.
Healing For Individual Chakras
   These sessions work within individual chakras to clear blockages, complete and
release problems, repair structural weakness, expand and open energy, and improve
energy assimilation and transmission. Some common problems are sluggish
performance, malfunctioning, stagnant and stuck energy, spinning irregularities,
excess emotional energy, misalignment, etc. These healings make the corrections
that are necessary to restore and increase balance, harmony and energy.
A Special Series: Journey Through The Chakras
   This is an 8 session series offering a chakra system upgrade. One full healing is
devoted to each of the 7 primary chakras and the final session balances the 7 together
to increase overall effectiveness, alignment and harmony. In addition to the healing
and transformation within each chakra, this series will open and clear energy pathways
through the spinal column, repair and rebuild structural system weaknesses and
increase positive energy flow throughout the whole system.
For information about healing within individual chakras, please see section above,
Healing Individual Chakras.
Centers of Higher Consciousness
   These sessions clear and open the chakra centers of higher consciousness which are
responsible for allowing the connection, synthesis, activation, integration and attunement
of our light bodies, higher consciousness, and higher dimensional energies. Healings
support expanded states of awareness ad open the pathways for a direct, interactive
and conscious connection to spirit.
Secondary Chakras: Hands & Feet
   Great for healers and body workers, opening the hand chakras increases the amount
of healing energy that flows through you to your client. These sessions focus on opening
the flow of love energy from the heart to the hands. Sessions for opening the feet
chakras increase your connection to the Earth and the flow of healthy and vital energies
into your physical body.
Chakra Infusion
   Nourish, recharge and increase your energy with an infusion of light and healing
energy through your 7 primary chakras. This session gives an abundant drink
of positive life force energy to each center to boost your overall energy.
What is the Aura?
   The light and energy that surrounds all living things is the aura. The human aura
contains many layers and varies in size and color depending on the inner state of the
emotional, physical and spiritual health. On one level it is constantly changing, reflecting
the thoughts and feelings experienced moment by moment. On another level it reflects
the deeper positive and negative energies at work within that are creating or have
already created in your life.
   Aura work is included when appropriate in the sessions for emotional, physical and
spiritual healing, When healing and transformation occurs within you, the aura naturally
changes in a positive way to reflect it. Please refer to other categories for more
information about related healing areas.
Healing Through The Aura
   These sessions focus on the healing, repair and rebuilding of weak spots, holes, cuts,
tears and slices within the aura. They remove negative cording and strengthen
energetic integrity and boundaries. When there are problems in the aura, it is a reflection
of underlying issues and problems at the deeper emotional, physical and spiritual levels
and may require healing work in other areas to bring about full resolution and healing.
Body and Soul Healing